Me? A scuba diver?

For the uninitiated, scuba diving may appear to be an intimidating sport, and who could blame them? As if swimming from Point A to Point B isn’t challenging enough, add clunky diving apparatus in the picture -- not too mention the rubbery scuba suit, which must be impossible to squeeze into -- and you’ll be saying “no thanks!” sooner than we can say “jump!”.

But hear us out! Scuba diving isn’t all challenges and no fun. It’s true that you will have to go through intensive training course and sit for a written test in order to get your license, but the payback is so much greater than the effort put to qualify as an open water diver.

About Scuba Diving

What Is Scuba Diving?

Scuba diving refers to the activity of swimming underwater using SCUBA -- Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus. By using a cylinder of compressed gas to breathe, scuba divers can dive underwater much longer than would be possible by conventional diving.

In addition to the gas tank, scuba diving requires the use of apparatus such as scuba masks, breathing regulators, buoyancy devices (usually extra weights to be attached to the weight belt), a pair of fins, and a scuba wetsuit / rashguard and board shorts to be worn while diving.

Nowadays, scuba diving is very safe and easy to learn. All basic skills can be learned in as little as three days and you can obtain your license as soon as all conditions are fulfilled. Scuba diving is a sport that is practiced recreationally all around the world. More than just a hobby, it can also be turned into a very rewarding profession.

There are plenty of profession you can find as a scuba diver, such as recreational divemaster and instructor, commercial diver, police diver, scientific diver, underwater photographer or videographer and military diver.

Here’s some of the reasons why we think you should brave it out and become a scuba diver:

Tapping into underwater photography / videography

Ever looked at a magnificent underwater shot and think to yourself, “wow, I can totally do this!”? Guess what do you need as a head start? While it probably won’t happen on your first few dives, delving underwater will definitely give you the chance to capture some of nature’s best kept secrets! Jump into the depths of Sipadan and capture the beauty of the barracuda swirls with your own compact camera - who knows, your pictures might end up on the cover of the National Geographic magazine?

Gaining a deeper appreciation for the ocean

The ocean plays a huge role in the maintaining and regulating of climate. Did you know that the ocean is the largest carbon sink in the world? Some 93 percent of carbon dioxide is stored in algae, vegetation, and coral under the sea. therefore, the marine ecosystem is extremely important in keeping global warming in check. As you see more of the ocean and the contents of its underbelly, you will feel a stronger need to protect it.

Learning more on how to be eco-friendly

Once you have learned to appreciate the ocean and all its important roles in the cycle of life, you will automatically be more savvy and aware on how your lifestyle can affect the ocean. Did you know that plastic is the most common element that is found in the ocean? It is harmful for the environment as it does not get break down easily and is often considered as food by marine animals. Knowing this and how it affects the ocean life, you will make lifestyle changes to make a difference.

Exploring another frontier

So, you’ve been walking on the face of this earth all your life. Doesn’t it make you just a little bit curious to know what it’s like to breath and move about under water? There’s so much more to be seen and explored under the deep blue sea, just ask any scuba diving junkies out there.

Starting a rewarding career as a scuba diving instructor

One thing often leads to another, you never know that you might enjoy scuba diving so much that you’d want to make a career out of it. They say, if you find a job you enjoy, you’ll never have to work a single day in your life. Try it, and you might discover a rewarding career as a scuba diving instructor!