Mataking Island

With its sparkling white sand, mesmerizing blue waters and top­class resort, Mataking Island is the ideal getaway for both the avid diver and non­diver. Divers can gear up and explore the Lobsters Lair, Nudibranch Heaven, Garden of Eden, Magic Rock, House Reef, Mataking Wreck and D'wall.

Non­diving activities include a luxurious pampering experience at Jamu Spa, batik painting, kayaking, canoeing and jungle­trekking to name a few. A must­do during your time in Mataking is to take a leisurely walk to Pulau Mataking Kecil (literally meaning Small Mataking island) which is a 20­minute walk from the main island.

The best time to take this walk is in the morning when the tides are low, allowing you to walk on a sandy stretch that leads directly to the smaller island. With the sea surrounding you on both sides, you will feel almost as if you are walking on water!

When you arrive back on the main island, climb up the wooden observation tower to get a breathtaking view of Mataking and its surrounding areas. Catch a glimpse of Mataking's famous ‘Underwater Post Office', the first of its kind in Malaysia.

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Mataking Dive Spots

Coral Garden

The Coral Garden offers a vertical wall dive with moderate current. Within the first 18 meters, you may be able to see some gorgeous pristine corals. Keep an eye out also for manta rays, as they commonly swim past divers at this site.

House Reef

The House Reef can be accessed by a shore dive. The dive starts with a 50 meter-wall slope that leads to a large sandy plateau. In the shallow waters, you may be able to spot octopus, lionfish and stonefish. Whilst around the jetty, large schools of jackfish can be seen frolicking about.

Garden of Eden

The aptly named Garden of Eden is covered in beautiful soft corals, anemones and feather stars. Plenty of angelfish and moorish idols can also be found swimming about the site. You may also come across the leaf fish, frogfish and colorful ribbon eels as you swim through this vibrantly coloured site.


Be prepared to feast your eyes on hard and soft corals in pinks and oranges abound and the seascape, peppered with whips reaching out as you float through the D’wall site. Keep an eye out for schools of parrotfish, red-toothed triggers, moorish idols, bannerfish and butterflyfish while you’re at it.

Lobster Lair

Lobster Lair is another heaven for photographers who are looking for vibrant macro life and excellent visibility. Here, you may get a chance to capture the giant frogfish in the slope area, crabs and shrimps. If you are lucky enough, you may also get a chance to capture the lovely pygmy seahorse.

Nudibranch Heaven

The Nudibranch Heaven is another paradise for underwater photographers. Here, you may get a chance to capture damsel fishes inside the rock, banded pipefish, spotted shrimp, goby, gold-pec jawfish, anemone fish and coral shrimp at the sandy area.

Magic Rock

At Magic rock, you may be able to find a large variety of marine life, ranging from big fishes to the macrolife. There are many cleaning stations around the shallow area where you may spot the frogfish and blenny at this dive site. Should the current get too strong, beginners need not apply.