Reef Etiquette

Mind Our Manners Out at Sea

Dearest land mammals, in the understanding that we are utterly privileged to be able to admire the beauty and wonder of the Ocean world, we should conduct ourselves accordingly by respecting the ocean. Remember, we are ‘visiting’ a home, so don’t be rude will ya?

The ocean is filled with creatures both big and small. It’s best to look with our eyes, not with our hands. Marine-life are extremely sensitive living things. Do not touch, feed or ride them. Interaction with them can cause stress and aggravate them. Dirt from our hands are potent enough to kill delicate sea-life. For example, by touching a coral, we are scraping away the protective layer of mucus corals use as a self-defense against infections.

Take only memories, leave only bubbles. Don’t ‘collect’ souvenirs from the reef. Everything has its place, and removing them will disrupt the balance. Fishes, Sea-cucumbers, shells or even dead corals, they belong to the reef, some provide food and some are used as homes for smaller marine-life. So keep the reef at the reef and all will be well.

Keep a SAFE distance
Be mindful of our position at the reef, even if it’s worth a good photo. Do not step on the corals, because
1. They’re sharp. You will get hurt.
2. They’re also fragile, you will destroy them. If you need to rest, float on your back. If you need to adjust your equipment, do it in a seated position.

Thousands of marine-life die every year literally because of mindless littering. Plastic bags, bottles and cigarette buds belong in the bin, not in the sea.

Spread The Word.

Sea Tango Team.